Incredible Hottie from Bangladesh

Ajanta Sharma

All of us have, at one point of time or the other, wondered how a girl could look hot without showing too much of her body or by wearing skimpy clothes. The answer is right here. Just standing there, Ajanta is just bursting with hotness. The sexiest Asian chick if there ever was one. She has got such a great physique, and combining that with her sexy, yet cute face, we’ve got a magnificent beauty on our hands. Her posture in the picture is enough to set men’s hearts racing, and no one can help it. Ah, Bangladesh, here I come!

Located right next to India, Bangladesh is a small country, nevertheless big in spirit. It was partitioned from India in 1971, and is home to many species of wild animals, most notably the Royal Bengal Tiger. Bangladeshi women are very beautiful, but they do not come out into the open much, one of the possible reasons why Ajanta isn’t in Hollywood yet.

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